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Hi! I'm MJ. When I was young, I wanted to be famous. More specifically, I wanted to be a famous musician. I was certain that I was destined to be a rockstar. 

This dream followed me around for years. I played the piano, played the guitar, sang, and wrote my own songs. I even went to college on a music scholarship. But as it turned out, I didn't really want to see my name in lights. The rock 'n roll lifestyle is rough on your body as well as your psyche. Band mates are fickle, it's nearly impossible to "make it" and there's some real truth to the phrase: Starving artist.


I finally realized that I had no intentions of joining the Forever 27 Club, and I hung up the dream of making a living by making music. But just because I wasn't going to rock on stage in front of millions of people didn't mean I had to stop rocking at life.


What if, instead, I could become a rockstar in other areas of life? What if I could be a rockstar friend? A rockstar with my finances? A rockstar employee? What if I could rock my self-esteem? Or rock my wardrobe? What if I could be a rockstar in the kitchen? Or my faith? Or a small business? 


What if I could just be an every day rockstar?

Turns out, I can. And so can you! My mission is to help you become the most badass, confident, rockin' version of yourself. It's going to be hard at times. It's going to require being vulnerable. It's going to get messy. It means that you are going to have to put in some work. It means that you are going to fail at times. But even the best rockstars fall off the stage, forget the lyrics to their own songs, or give a shoutout to the wrong city. Remember, you're only human. 

My life has been a series of triumphs and failures, and trials and errors. This is a place for us to come together. I'm hoping to share my experiences, insights and wisdom - and I'm asking for you to do the same. There are no auditions. I'm just inviting you to be part of my band of humans. I'm hoping that you'll write a song or a symphony - literally or figuratively. And I'm encouraging you to march to the beat of your own drum. Rock on.


Marketing Consultant

Do you like this website? Cool! I designed it. I build websites at a reasonable cost for people and brands that are looking to get their name out there!

Rock your resume. Land your dream job. Start living the life you want to live. Let me help you build a stand out resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and help you kickstart your job search.


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