Thank You

Second only to "I am" as the two most powerful words in the English language.

But great power has always required great responsibility. Perhaps that's why we struggle so much with accepting compliments, practicing gratitude, or giving credit where credit is due.

But saying, "thank you" is a sign of confidence, not weakness.

Oftentimes, our first reaction to praise is not to graciously accept someone's appreciation - it's to deflect their words. I've had to learn to practice humble, and unassuming thankfulness.

The old me would say something like this when receiving a compliment...

Them: "Wow, I really love your dress!"

Me: "What, this old thing? I dug it out of the closet because I had nothing else to wear!"

Here's how the new me responds...

Them: "Wow, I really love your dress!"

Me: "Thank you!"

I won't lie, it was awkward at first. But over time, I learned to really appreciate that others appreciated me.

Being able to say "thank you" to others helped grow my confidence in myself. I started to be more grateful for others. I started to be able to give compliments because I realized that I had nothing to lose by giving away kind words.

But most importantly, learning to say, "thank you" made me realize just how much I have to be #thankful for.

Who have you thanked today?

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